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What are your growth opportunities?

Growth audit – share of wallet analyses

We are not going to reinvent the wheel. We want to learn from the current results of your marketing and sales approach. We include the points for improvement in our new growth strategy. To make an impact and set out the correct route, it is essential to determine where the opportunities lie and what is needed to make an impact. The Growth Audit is the starting point of our collaboration. We zoom in on your existing customer journey and analyze the data. The Growth Audit provides an insight into your growth opportunities and offers the direction we need to go to achieve your goals. The result is an actionlist with priorities.

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Our Growth Audit Framework


Product Market Fit

Is there a match between the business model and the customers needs?


Customer Behaviour

Do we know where customers come from and what they do?



Are the most valuable actions with in the customer journey automated?



Does the website do what it needs to do both technically and visually?

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How does your online customer journey look like? When do you put your sales at the table?

Growth marketing – sales funnels

The days of cold calls are over. Purchasing processes are changing, and decision-making for B2B companies is becoming more complex. With more and more sales interactions on social and digital channels, staying relevant to your prospect in these places as a modern salesperson is essential.

When you want to prepare your sales team for the future, creating a contact strategy in which you coordinate the different marketing and sales channels, such as LinkedIn, is essential.

What does a customer contact strategy look like?

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LinkedIn Lead Generation

Growth marketing – lead generation

There are approximately 70 million decision-makers on LinkedIn. Reaching them efficiently can be a problem. We ensure your message reaches the people who matter most.

First impressions matter. That’s why we send personalized LinkedIn connect messages so that each recipient understands who you are and what they can do to help you. No jargon, just a brief introduction intended to grab attention and set the agenda.

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