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About Us – Nice To Meet You

No-nonsense, honest, and target driven

Our name says what we do and who we are. We help companies to multiply their business. Whatever your goals are, growth is what you want. And hopefully not for a while, but forever. You are always on the right track with a lean and successful marketing and sales approach. If you take small steps every week, you can eventually make giant leaps.

We help companies that ask us and organizations we think we should help. In short, we want to make an impact on a better future.

“We are a breeding ground for start-ups and scale-ups, we know how to reach your goal, like birds know they can fly.”

Danielle Vogelenzang

Together we are stronger

Collaborate with MBY2

We are a dynamic network of freelancers who are all data-driven and think Digital First. Each with its expertise. When you like to launch a campaign you need more than a generic marketer. There is much more to it than just coming up with a campaign. Think of copywriting, design, web development, social outreach, and SEO/SEA.

Quite simply, a single marketer cannot handle the output of an entire marketing team. At MBY2, we work in virtual teams. We ensure that the best experts fit your needs. All MBY2 freelancers know each other. They all are experts, so training is unnecessary. You can get started immediately. We make an impact.

Do you want to join our freelance network? Or you like to learn more, make an appointment. We love to meet you.