Welcome to MBY2, the Growth Hack Agency to grow smart.

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What we do

We are growth hackers.

We combine data, technology, and creativity to find the most effective way to grow. We ensure that your product reaches the right customers who wants to buy your products and services.

Growth hacking is the process of quickly discovering what makes an organization grow. We do this with short steps that helps teams deliver value to their customers faster and with fewer headaches. If you take small steps every week, you can eventually make giant leaps. We are data-driven, use the latest technologies, and add creativity to deliver unique growth opportunities.

We are different from traditional marketing teams, allowing us to achieve better results. We analyze your entire funnel, from awareness to conversion, from first order to repeat customers and brand ambassadors. We help our clients develop a long-term growth strategy and have the operational strength to execute it.

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Happy Customers

“We are a breeding ground for start-ups and scale-ups, we know how to reach your goal, like birds know they can fly.”

Danielle Vogelenzang

Founder Multiply By Two

Sales misses 80% of the opportunity’s

80% of closing deals happens after the 5th contact moment
25% of salespeople quit after the second contact
10% of sellers are go-getters
How we do it

Are you ready to make an impact?

Before we get started with growth marketing to make an impact on your business, it is essential to have the basics in order. To correctly measure all our activities and experiments, we start with an audit to determine our starting point.

Product Market Fit

Is there a match between the business model and the customers needs?


Customer Behaviour

Do we know where customers come from and what they do?



Are the most valuable actions with in the customer journey automated?



Does the website do what it needs to do both technically and visually?


Why companies work with us

No-nonsense, honest, and target driven.

We are a breath of fresh air in your organization. Any business can grow if you have a plan of attack. We believe in data because without substantiation, you cannot steer. In short sprints, we will realize your goal step by step. We help companies that ask us and organizations we think we should help. In short, we want to make an impact on a better future.